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We provide leadership and communication training and coaching for Behavior Analysts and Behavioral HealthCare Providers. Grounded in principles of Acceptance and Commitment Training and Relational Frame Theory, our training leaves participants:

Communicating in a way that provides others with space to grow and develop.

Experiencing greater satisfaction, fulfillment and aliveness at work and in life.

Providing accountability in a way that contributes to people and leaves your relationship whole and complete.

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Challenging and immediately applicable, our courses engage you to “look from” the material that gives you a new way of seeing your challenges. In a new way of seeing, you naturally develop new capacities for communication, inspiration, and creative problem-solving.

& Consulting

Grounded in principles of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) our coaching allows you to give up any drama and suffering about your circumstances and deal with them powerfully. Provided individually or to organizational teams, we work with you to identify shared values, align performance with vision and values, and communicate powerfully consistently with who you say want to be in the world.

Organizational Work
and Culture Building

Our work with organizations focuses on actively creating the culture you want for your organization, then aligning performance with vision from the leadership to the front lines. We help you create a culture of accountability where everyone in your organization is a leader who is being responsible for the fulfillment of your mission and vision.

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Meet our founder and get a sense of the power of language and how we work in this short video.

About Our Founder

Scott Herbst, PhD, BCBA is our founder and principal consultant. Scott got his PhD at the University of Nevada, Reno where he studied Organizational Behavior Management.


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What’re you worried about?

What’re you worried about?

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ACT and Leadership

ACT and Leadership

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