Mastery of Self

Time Management for Authentic Self-Care
12 Learning  CEs
$599 $449 for Fall Session
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The problem with most advice for self-care is that it starts with a misguided understanding of what the self is – in other words, who you are.  It assumes who you are is your body, a thing in the world, distinct from everything else in the world.  Then, self-care becomes about keeping all those things in the world from killing you – especially everything you have to do and handle.

While you might experience yourself as a thing, from our perspective, from a behavioral perspective, you are action.  In this series, we take the approach that who you are is action extended over time.  From that view, everything you have to do and handle takes on an entirely different meaning, where all of your accountabilities aren’t just something to manage, but to manage powerfully such that they become a source for your own aliveness, self-expression, and vitality.

Overview and Results 

The series of webinars is a 6-week productivity and time-management program that presents you with zoom interactive webinars, one on one calls, videos, articles, and a virtual community, centered around increasing your productivity, performance, and even more, your experience of joy, satisfaction and accomplishment.  Grounded in behavioral principles concerning what gives human beings their experience of (and action in) life, this course is about caring for yourself based on a behavioral understanding of self.  It is about expanding who you are in the world.

To do that, it helps you focus on what’s important to you and get on top of all you have to do, even the things you don’t like doing. This means you’re left with greater accomplishment, fulfilment and satisfaction around everything you have to deal with in life. People who have participated in previous programs report:

  • Greater focus and clarity
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Elevated time management
  • Enhanced work/life balance
  • More engaged and present in life
  • Less procrastination – taking things on now
  • Better organization
  • Fewer distractions
  • More productive meetings
  • Greater ease and freedom dealing with emails – some even had fun with them.

This is ideal for anyone interested in…

  • Increasing productivity,
  • Producing the results that are most important to them,
  • Reducing stress, overwhelm, and even frustration,
  • Increasing the experience of aliveness and excitement for life.
  • Increasing productivity,
  • Producing the results that are most important to them,
  • Reducing stress, overwhelm, and even frustration,
  • Increasing the experience of aliveness and excitement for life.

Who should participate?

  • Anyone new to the field taking a caseload for the first time
  • Those who have taken on a new accountability
  • Business owners and leaders looking to expand
  • Human resources, Training and Organizational Development Managers
  • Companies: please write to We will explore how to align the program to your business goals and needs

What is included?

  • 12 Learning CEs for Behavior Analysts
  • Weekly group webinar sessions which will be recorded and accessible in case of missing a session
  • Weekly videos, exercises and articles
  • One 30-minute individual implementation calls
  • Unlimited online access to a group of like-minded people
  • Unlimited email support


“[This  program] did a great job in helping me sleep. As a solo entrepreneur, the mind races to keep all items on track and the program gave me the tools to thrive.” – Charlie M

“My anxiety has decreased significantly since I’ve practised the learnings from this program. I fall asleep faster and noticed an increase in my productivity, which has a direct impact on driving more sales in my business. ” – Helen R

“When something is bugging me and I’m with my fiancée, I can just notice it and capture it now and be done with it, so we can be together and enjoy this precious time we have, rather than being worried.” – Thomas A

“Andrej’s program has had a lasting effect on how I react to all there is to do and get done. I have the skill set now to use when I do get overwhelmed with life and all there is to do – to make my list, prioritize and schedule. In my business, I train my staff in the tools, too, and it is amazing how useful and straight-forward things get when we’re all following the same system.” – Linda D

“Being more organised and having peace of mind has helped me create a work/life balance and spend more time with my family instead of working long evenings. I started to go out for walks which makes me the happiest.” – Alfie K

Syllabus Sessions:

Session 1 – Introduction and Orienting to ALL OF IT - October 12, 2023 12-2pm Eastern Time

You will look at your life and see the totality of all you have to do and handle, giving you a whole new perspective on how your relationship with this mountain is currently shaping your day-to-day life. You also discover something radical: instead of trying to get it all done, there’s another way to manage all the things you have to do and handle in life.

Most people think they will experience power, freedom, and peace of mind when they get everything done.
In this program, we will discover it’s something else. You actually get more done when you experience power, freedom and peace of mind.

Session 2 – Habits that keep you trapped - October 19, 2023 12-2pm Eastern Time

You discover for yourself the habits that are holding you back in your thinking, speaking, and actions. You begin to notice how these habits negatively affect your performance and find a way to break them.

You also discover for yourself why you do all the things you do and what about them is important to you. This new awareness allows you to accomplish more of what is important to you and even enjoy more of the things you feel obligated to do. You are able to engage with anything you have to do in a way that brings you joy, satisfaction, fulfilment, and accomplishment.


Session 3 – Relating powerfully to obligations  - October 26, 2023 12-2pm Eastern Time

You create a new perspective for all the things you have to do, which leaves you more fully present with whomever you are with and whatever you are doing.  Here, we use powerful values-practices to connect your accountabilities to what you care about.

As a result, you are more satisfied with what you are accomplishing rather than merely received by getting something off your back. What’s more, you receive tools that can overcome interruptions of all kinds, leaving you with more clarity and focus at any moment of your day.


Session 4 – A new way of relating to time - November 2, 2023 12-2pm Eastern Time

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time to get done what you want to get done? Are you ever anxious, frantically trying to get things done by some deadline?

In Session 4, you develop a new relationship with time, leaving you able to accomplish what you want in the timeframe of your choice, without being bothered by all the other things you have to do.  You begin practices of using your environment powerfully to manage your life from the environment vs. from your head.

Session 5 – Getting your life out of your head - June 29, 2023 12-2pm Eastern Time

In Session 5, you take your newfound productivity, performance, and experience of satisfaction and accomplishment more fully into your life by introducing new tools.

You also expand your capacity to engage others in accomplishing what may have previously seemed impossible.

Do you have items that you sometimes ‘forget’ or your environment got changed and you are dropping the ball? Or people around you are coming to you and reminding you of the same things again and again?

In Session 5 you learn old tools to be used in a new way. By using email messages and calendars you gain a new level of freedom.


Session 6 – Bringing it all to your life - July 6, 2023 12-2pm Eastern Time

Our program uses six simple tools as a foundation for accomplishment and satisfaction.  Learning to use these tools revolutionizes how you think about "task management" and helps you go from wishing or hoping to doing something about it!

You are able to tell what you can do and by when.  You will be a reliable teammate at work or trustworthy friend or partner and be known as someone who keeps promises.  What's more, you will have a newly found peace of mind and sleep better knowing that your life isn't "falling through the cracks."

This session is all about practice, practice, practice!  We will spend time ingraining and working with all of the newly discovered tools.


About the facilitators



Andrej Klokner is a productivity and time management coach. He works with individuals and teams to rise above productivity and time-management limits and produce results, have a sense of freedom, joy and increase the quality of their life. 
His previous experience includes managerial work for a global corporation, and later for high-net-worth individuals with top-notch standards.

Scott Herbst, Ph.D., BCBA got his doctorate at the University of Nevada, Reno where he studied Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), Relational Frame Theory (RFT), and Acceptance and Commitment Training. His ACT training beyond the classroom includes experiential workshops with Steven Hayes, Ph.D., and Kelly Wilson, Ph.D., two of the authors of the original ACT text. As a graduate student, he facilitated workshops targeting stigma and is a co-author of numerous ACT publications. He has since designed and facilitated dozens of experiential ACT workshops that participants reliably report make a profound difference in areas of personal importance including relationships, career, leadership, family, and leisure.

Logistics, Meeting Dates & Times

This six-week course is online, starting on October 12, at 12:00 PM Eastern, 2 hours session, and then continues during the same day and time of the week ending the first week of July. Sessions are intimate with no more than 20 participants per workshop.  This course is very interactive – at the very least you will work with other course participants in breakout rooms – and will have the opportunity (though not the requirement) to interact with the facilitator in front of the group.   As such, before registering, make sure you will be able to manage your days so you are present and can give this your full attention.

Dates and times of open courses


Live meetings are 12-2pm Eastern Time; Recordings will be available within 24 hours of live Sessions
Course Dates - October 12, 19, 26 - November 2, 9 & 16