Coaching Dynamically

A Group Coaching Program to Apply Acceptance and Commitment Training
In Your Professional and Personal Life
6 Learning CEs including (with up to 7 additional CEs for supplemental on-demand content)
$250 ($200 per seat when you register more than 1 person)
(You can re-enroll in future quarters for $110)

Do you ever get the sense that you’re getting in your own way?

You’re managing someone and you know what to say.  Then, you don’t say it.  Or, you say it poorly and leave people upset.

Or someone you lead doesn’t do what you expected, and it’s like you failed.

Then, all of the sudden you’re going home dissatisfied, wondering is this my best? 

When you resolve to do more… better… different… it only brings you more of the same.

In all of these scenarios, have you ever stopped to ask: who is this “you” that takes things personally, gets defensive, and is then cut off being who you really want to be.

In this quarter we consider that, mostly, we live life as though who “I” am is an object – a thing that can be damaged, lost, and broken.  Living life this way, behavior organizes around keeping the object safe.

Acknowledging that, we start from an inquiry: what if who I am is behavior? 

This quarter is about breaking familiar patterns that are fundamentally entwined with who you think you are, to connect with and express values. At stake are those areas where

    • You are withholding communication
    • You are communicating and it’s not working. You’re left with dissatisfaction and regret.
    • Communication results in greater isolation and discord.
    • You don’t experience you can express yourself.

The promise of the quarter is that you will have greater access to living consistent with who you really intend to be.

This quarter we are working with all six primary ACT practices – The Self, Awareness, Acceptance, Defusion, Values and, mostly importantly, Committed Action.

      Summer 2024 Schedule and Logisitics

      Hour sessions are twice each month, and there are three choices each week there is a session to attend: Mondays at 10am ET, Monday at 5pm ET, or Wednesday at 12pm ET.  Summer 2024 meeting dates are

      • Session 1 – July 8 from 10-11am ET or 5-6pm ET; or July 10 from 12-1 ET
      • Session 2 – July 22 from 10-11am ET or 5-6pm ET; or July 24 from 12-1 ET
      • Session 3 – August 5  from 10-11am ET or 5-6pm ET; or August 7 from 12-1 ET
      • Session 4 – August 19  from 10-11am ET or 5-6pm ET; or August 21 from 12-1 ET
      • Session 5 – September 9 from 10-11am ET or 5-6pm ET; or September 11 from 12-1 ET
      • Session 6 – September 23 from 10-11am ET or 5-6pm ET; or September 25 from 12-1 ET

      How it works – We meet twice monthly and, at each meeting, cover some content related to ACT and then immediately begin looking at where it applies in our lives.  Participants get live coaching in using principles, as well as practice with partners in break-out-rooms.  At the end of the session, you’ll get an assignment and some instruction to practice in your life.  Also between sessions, you will meet with a buddy to share progress and practice assignments.

      Continuing Education – Each live session is worth 1 CE.  This quarter, live sessions will be worth 1 Learning CEs, 3 Ethics, and 2 Supervision.  Live sessions are not recorded and cannot be made up for CE.  (You can always schedule time with the instructor to cover what you missed).

      Additionally there is supplemental online content, some of which you will be expected to review and familiarize yourself with prior to live sessions.  By completing all on-demand content you can earn and additional 7 CEs including 2.5 Ethics and 3 Supervision)


      About the facilitator

      Scott Herbst, Ph.D., BCBA got his doctorate at the University of Nevada, Reno where he studied Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), Relational Frame Theory (RFT), and Acceptance and Commitment Training. His ACT training beyond the classroom includes experiential workshops with Steven Hayes, Ph.D., and Kelly Wilson, Ph.D., two of the authors of the original ACT text. As a graduate student, he facilitated workshops targeting stigma and is a co-author of numerous ACT publications. He has since designed and facilitated dozens of experiential ACT workshops that participants reliably report make a profound difference in areas of personal importance including relationships, career, leadership, family, and leisure.

      Here’s what’s important to know for this series – people around Scott grow and develop.  His dad and uncle healed their estranged relationship out of his coaching.  His mother in law fulfilled a dream out of his coaching.  Hundreds of individuals and teams have had breakthroughs in communication out of his coaching.