Courses for Individuals

Supervising Dynamically

Supervising Dynamically is an 8, 2-hour session training and coaching series for applying Acceptance and Commitment Training to BCBA supervision. In it, you apply ACT practices and processes to explore and move beyond personal barriers. In the process, you create your purpose as a leader, develop powerful practices for aligning to that purpose, and develop the skills to provide accountability and coaching consistent with the supervisor you create yourself as. This is a powerful course, the benefits of which go well beyond supervision, and apply to anywhere you wish to express leadership.

Igniting Passion

This day-long, 6 CE workshop is about transforming your relationship to your accountability.  If you are feeling burned out, stressed, and like your passion for making a difference is being smothered under the weight of your responsibilities, you will leave this workshop with more freedom, peace of mind, and effectiveness.

Mastery of Self

This course meets for 2 hours at a time over 6 weeks.  In it, you take on self-management, looking at yourself as 1) what you care about 2) spread over time.  You'll get coaching in applying practices built in this view that will leave with with two primary outcomes.  First, you'll get more accomplished!  Second, you'll do so with greater fulfillment and peace of mind.

Coaching Dynamically

In this 6-session, quarterly group coaching program, we work with the basics of Acceptance and Commitment Training.  Each session introduces some basic content, before we begin applying it to what we are dealing with professionally and (if you choose) personally.  This quarter is about expressing leadership and values in all of your relationships.  

Services for Organizations

Calling Your Culture

This series leaves your team able to communicate with greater ease, effectiveness, and inspiration. In eight sessions (with an option for more), you’ll develop your capacity to communicate to inspire your team, provide accountability that empowers and expands people, and coach so people take ownership for their performance. Book time for a free consult and to explore if this is a fit for your team.

Organization-Wide Work

In work targeting your whole organization, we have specialized packages to work with your leadership team, mid-management, and front-lines, ensuring everyone in your organization speaks a common language consistent with your values and for your mission and vision. Book time to explore if this is right for you.