Courses for Individuals

Supervising Dynamically

Supervising Dynamically is an 8, 2-hour session training and coaching series for applying Acceptance and Commitment Training to BCBA supervision. In it, you apply ACT practices and processes to explore and move beyond personal barriers. In the process, you create your purpose as a leader, develop powerful practices for aligning to that purpose, and develop the skills to provide accountability and coaching consistent with the supervisor you create yourself as. This is a powerful course, the benefits of which go well beyond supervision, and apply to anywhere you wish to express leadership.

Services for Organizations

Results Catalyst Coaching Series

Results start and end with communication. Setting a vision, being accountable, and making, keeping, and completing promises move organizations forward. In this tailored team-coaching series, your team develops the skills to stay focused on what matters and deliver results, all while building a culture of vitality and satisfaction

Organization-Wide Work

In work targeting your whole organization, we have specialized packages to work with your leadership team, mid-management, and front-lines, ensuring you've got a clear vision and your operations, processes, and practices are working toward that. Book time to explore if this is right for you.