Igniting Passion

Using ACT to Transform Your Relationship to Work
7 CEs – 4 Ethics, 3 Learning


If being burned out is like having life sucked out of you, this workshop is about breathing life back into your career, your relationships – your life!  In it, you will bring tools from Acceptance and Commitment Training directly to your life.  In seven-hours, you will walk out with a greater sense of ease, peace, and purpose and have practices to ongoingly expand on that experience.  Using these tools you will get more done and do so with greater ease and satisfaction. 

Who this is for – This is designed for anyone with a basic understanding of behavioral principles covered in an introductory behavior analysis class.  Experience with Acceptance and Commitment Training or Relational Frame Theory is not required.  Further, it is especially for those who can see that they once had a passion and excitement for their work and feels like they’re losing that under the demands and expectations of their job.

What to expectThis event is not television!  It is a workshop.  Expect to participate.  At various points in the day, there will be breakout rooms where you will work with other course participants.  At times you may feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.  All of this will happen in a supportive environment with a group of human beings who are experiencing the same thing.

What you get?

  • 7 BACB Contuniuing Education Credits – 4 Ethics, 3 Learning
  • 6 Months Access to pre-recorded, supplemental content
  • UNBURDENED – A greater sense of ease, freedom and effectiveness in that which really matters to you.

About the facilitator

Scott Herbst, Ph.D., BCBA got his doctorate at the University of Nevada, Reno where he studied Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), Relational Frame Theory (RFT), and Acceptance and Commitment Training. His ACT training beyond the classroom includes experiential workshops with Steven Hayes, Ph.D., and Kelly Wilson, Ph.D., two of the authors of the original ACT text. As a graduate student, he facilitated workshops targeting stigma and is a co-author of numerous ACT publications. He has since designed and facilitated dozens of experiential ACT workshops that participants reliably report make a profound difference in areas of personal importance including relationships, career, leadership, family, and leisure.

Logistics, Meeting Dates & Times

This course meets live during a full, 8-hour day (including an hour break) online.   Sessions are intimate with no more than 20 participants per workshop.  This course is very interactive – at the very least you will work with other course participants in breakout rooms – and will have the opportunity (though not the requirement) to interact with the facilitator in front of the group.   As such, before registering, make sure you will be able to manage your day so you are present and can give this your full attention.

Dates and times of open courses


October 6, 2023 - 10am - 6pm Eastern Time (with 1-hour Break) - Live Online